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Plugged In

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Putting your visions into reality with complete equine industry related marketing services!

Creative innovations that keep you "plugged in" to your clients needs, thus building an unparalleled loyalty to your brand.

Let Plugged in Equine Marketing Solutions keep you connected to your clients with the latest in social media marketing techniques. Using a combined marketing and advertising knowledge along with 20 years of experience in the horse industry, Plugged in Equine Marketing Solutions will give you that personal touch to create an invaluable client loyalty!

Social Media Marketing

Ever wanted a way to reach out TODAY to your target audience when you have news to share?  Social media allows you to do just that.  The problem that many of us in the horse industry face is that we simply do not have time to stay on top of current events within the industry.  Let us keep you “plugged-in” by sharing relevant content with your clients on a daily basis.  Tracking winners, placers, qualifiers, foal photos, industry news related to your farm, stallion or business… it’s what we do! Call or email today so we can set up a plan within your advertising budget that suits your needs. 

Print Media Marketing & Design

Sometimes it takes a fresh approach to make your print ad stand out in the crowd and be the most effective.  Plugged In Equine Marketing Solutions will not only come up with a new ad campaign designed to get results, but develop a plan within your advertising budget!  Let us take the pressure off of you when making last minute ad placement decisions.  Together we strategize to place your ads in the best print publications and special issues to be the most effective. 

Website Design

Plugged In Equine Marketing Solutions offers web development as well as content management for your website.  Keeping your site up to date with fresh news and photos will keep your clients coming back.  If you already have an existing website, but just need someone with horse sense to revamp and manage it, we do that too! Call or email us today for your quote.  


A bad photograph can be detrimental to selling or marketing your horse.  How they are standing, their expression, the background, the lighting… these are all things make a difference.  With so many sale horses and stallions to choose from, don’t let a bad photo move potential clients to turn the page. Let Plugged In Equine Marketing Solutions get you noticed with experienced equine photography for your sale horses or stallions. 

Stallion Promotion

With nearly 10 years of stallion experience from the breeding farm day to day life, to the advertising world, Plugged In Equine Marketing Solutions has a unique insight as to what you face as a stallion owner/manager. From starting a young stallion out their first year to the public, to keeping them on top in this fashionable breeding business, we’ll make sure you’re out in front!