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Plugged In

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It was a hot New Mexico afternoon and a Grandfather's attempt to entertain his visiting severn-year-old blonde guest that put me in front of that dusty arena fence.  As I stood there with my fingers grasped tight to the mesh wire, I could feel my heart beating faster almost in rhythm with the horses's hooves.  Yes, it was right then and there that I fell in love with horses and my obsession began. 

Raised a city girl in Arlington Texas, horses were not going to fit into my suburban backyard, but I dreamed about them and jumped at any chance to go visit relatives in New Mexico.  They were ranchers and peanut farmers so they always had horses around.  I couldn’t wait to get the chance to ride or brush one of them.  I’m certain my Grandfather grew tired of the endless requests to ride old “Casper”, but he always went out to saddle him despite whatever he had going at that moment.

I was a young teenager when my father’s business transferred our family to Oklahoma.  That move was just the opportunity to put my plan into action. We needed land… and horses!  My parents bought a small acreage outside of Norman and our first horse.  Miss Easy Cloud, she was two year old race bred filly and boy did she see the novice in me.  She would set back, chase us in the pasture (yes, I ran from her), and buck.  My sister and I conquered our fears and tamed “Missy” the best we could.  We even ran barrels on her.  She taught us so much.

Many horses would come and go, and with each many lessons learned.  Experiences have been gained from every discipline in which I’ve been exposed to.  You really never stop learning from these magnificent creatures.  Working within the cutting horse industry, as well as the Quarter Horse breeding industry, some of the great stallions that I have been blessed to be in the presence of are:  A Streak Of Fling, Barpassers Image, Dash For Perks, Designer Red, DMNV Mountable, Famous Gold Coin, Fly Jess Fly, Gol, Hot N Blazing, Invitation Only, Pyc Paint Your Wagon, Red Storm Cat, Spit Curl Jess, just to name a few.

The opportunity to work for Speedhorse Magazine was presented to me two years ago and with great excitement, I joined the publication.  Speedhorse put me in some amazing places with a group of very talented individuals to learn from.  Camera in hand, the All American Futurity in Ruidoso, as well as the Champion of Champions in California will forever be some of my most treasured memories.  Selling ad space and learning the ins and outs of magazine publishing led me to where I am today and I am thankful for Speedhorse and the great group of people that I worked with.

In January of 2013, I made the decision to leave the full-time work force to spend more time at home with my husband and three children.  This leap prompted the launch of my business, Plugged In Equine Marketing Solutions.  I am fortunate to work out of my home office and be present when the bus pulls up each day.  Through Plugged In Equine Marketing, I offer equine photography, social media marketing, web design, ad design and stallion promotion. 

My flair for marketing and promotion comes from my varied experiences within the industry and my passion for horses as well as the people that love them. I have developed a large network of friends and clients and truly think of them as family.  Please enjoy my website and feel free to send me an email or give me a call.  We can talk business, horses, or both! 

With Kindest Regards,

Amanda Glidden